Why we need to generate more renewable energy

I attended a very informative talk on the Green Homes Grant given by Horsham Future Forum – ‘Green Home Grants up to £5k available’.

At the beginning of the talk a quick poll of participants was taken and here are the results:

Looking at the Poll results a little more closely:

So heat generation was the most popular technology that people were considering for their homes.

Perhaps they were aware of these charts from Ovo Energy’s website, based on data from Energy Saving Trust:

Savings from home energy efficiency measures eligible for the Green Homes Grant

Potential financial savings from home improvements

*Figures are for a semi-detached gas-heated house in Great Britain. Fuel bill savings based on replacing a storage heating system, with off-peak E7 price of 9.76p/kWh and ASHP RHI tariff of 10.74p/kWh.

Source: Energysavingtrust.org.uk

Potential CO2 savings from home improvements

Air source heat pumps need electricity to operate. Hence, more electricity will be needed and the lowest carbon way to generate this is from renewable sources – and they are also cheaper!

Renewable energy sources are distributed, so more needs to be generated closer to where its demanded. So, I’m really pleased that the Chichester District Council have published the Draft Climate Emergency Detailed Action Plan which contains significant generation  from local renewable energy sources: https://chichester.gov.uk/letstalkclimatechange