Selseyworks Energy Advice Service

After receiving a grant from the Community Benefit fund of the Ferry Farm Community Solar Farm, SelseyWorks started an Energy Advice Service to help the residents of the Manhood Peninsula reduce their energy costs and consumption.

Reducing energy consumption is a great first step, lowering cost, but crucially decreasing the environmental impact of your energy consumption. Insulating your home: topping up loft insulation so that it is at least 270mm and filling the cavity, if your home has one, are good options. Also, consider LED lights as, even though they cost more, they significantly reduce consumption and in their lifetime they will pay for themselves several times over.

Switching Tariffs can also reduce cost. Unfortunately with the current energy market, loyalty doesn’t mean getting low energy bills. The best tariffs are of fixed duration, typically one year. After a year, unless you choose another tariff, you are switched to the variable tariff, which is much more expensive. Also, it is possible that you may not be on the most appropriate tariff. Recently, for a resident of Sidlesham, who had a commendable very low consumption, it was found that switching to a supplier that did not have a standing charge reduced the annual bill from £350 to £200, saving £150 per year!

The Selseyworks energy advice service can advise on reducing energy bills, how to make your home more energy efficient and comfortable, what grants are available for energy efficiency measures, access to home energy surveys, etc.

The Selseyworks energy advice service is available at the Selsey Town Hall most Thursdays; drop in or get in touch to make an appointment.

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Phone: 01273 200975

Selseyworks have employed Solesco to provide this service.